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Living expenses

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LoyalAnn   in reply to littlelacie   on

I am the first in my family (from the innercity) to attend college and due to the economy

Correct, in school I will need aid for rent and basic needs as I will not be working. Aid page is an open forum and free space to discuss one's problems and needs and these are mine. Thank you for your reply. All the best.
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GiveForward   in reply to Prospect2005   on

Disabled person needing help

One option would be to create a GiveForward fundraiser. You can create a page to allow friends and family from around the country to donate money and provide financial support to you and your family. Check it out at
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Need Living Expense Help while staying in Houston for Cancer Surgery, after care, etc.

I am a longtime metastasized cancer (melanoma) survivor/warrior and also have Lupus, Fibromyalgia (comes with Lupus, I guess) and have been very fortunate with things remaining in remission for years, but not without recurring scares (lumps, bumps, suspicious xrays, scans).

I had such a scare this summer while up in Colorado working a work camping job in the Rockies. It was thought melanoma was back in a CT scan. Could not return to Houston (MD Anderson Cancer Center) due to lack of money, so we went on to my husband's next temporary job as Seasonal Work Camper help at their Fernley, NV warehouse.

I finally got into an Oncologist here and thank GOD the PET taken in early Nov. showed that the lymph nodes and enlarged spleen shown in the August CT scan (done for suspicion of blood clots due to swollen leg) were down and showed NO cancer. However, a nodule on my right area thyroid did light up and a FNA (fine needle aspiration) biopsy showed high probability of cancer.

We are heading back to Houston ASAP and awaiting the schedule (likely the 2nd week of January) for surgery. The surgery will dictate what is done next. If it is cancer, I will need follow up treatment and that may require us remaining near Houston. Since we live full time in our travel trailer now (we took work camping jobs to keep afloat after the economy took a downturn for the construction trade. Hubby is a very longtime carpenter.) we need help to pay for a month or two in a Medical Center area RV park in Houston, and for food, fuel and to pay our recurrent bills that amount to just under $1000 per month. We had a potential winter job lined up for when we arrived back in TX (our home state) but now we don't know what will happen and with nobody (hubby or me) working, we will be in dire straits. If we have to stay longterm, he will look for work locally in Houston, but for a month or two, we don't know what to do. Is there any kind of help out there for us? We really need assistance.

 Thanks in advance.

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Please help and so much Gratitude of your loving kindness

I am a montessori teacher and was laid off in Atlanta in May. Recently, on my 48th birthday, I lost my only income from unemployment. I receive foodstamps and that is all. I have a 13 year old daughter and I have to stay positive for her not to see me having meltdowns. I believe everything happens for a reason. I lost my front crown that I got when I was 18 on Christmas and cant afford an implant, or to even afford gas. I got in a car accident yesterday at CVS in this Icestorm and now don't have a vehicle. I have stayed in a space of faith but am sure a little wobbly. I got my electric bill of $220 with a disconnection notice and there isnt any heating assistance or housing assistance available in Fulton County GA. I am so in a space of complete blind faith and really feel the strongest I have ever been in my life but MONEY MONEY MONEY is needed to take care of me and my daughter. Her father pays us $12 a week for childsupport. I am out of ideas. Please, I don't know how this website works but I am really hurting financially, SPIRITUALLY, THE BEST I HAVE EVER BEEN, financially, not looking so good. Please if you know what I can do or where I can go for help, I live near the airport in Atlanta, GA.
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About lisalisa47

Hi, I've been the in the workforce for 27 years, and got divorced after 18 years. When I moved back to my hometown, the only jobs I could find were temp jobs - which I had without a cease in working for over a year - then got laid off with everyone else.

I received unemployment, while still continuing to look for work, and trying to break into freelance writing on the internet. Today, I found out that ALL california unemployment has been stopped cold - due to Congress refusing to overturn the law that made it that way. I support two people, and I had just turned in my financial aid papers so I could sign up to go to school. My question is, are there any grants that I can get that enable one to go to school and pay bills while they're doing it? thanks!


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About teach12

I am a highly-educated and intelligent woman of 40.  I have been a teacher for the last 14 years and have recently become burdened with debt, the result of an unexpected break of engagement.  Additionally, last year's school schedule changed, as did our paychecks (went from 12 checks per year to 10).  Because of my debt, saving for the summer was nearly impossible.

Though paying my debts down would be ideal, my immediate need is to get through the summer.  I have a little money saved, as well as a summer job, but it isn't going to completely cover the gap (for rent, utilities, groceries; basic living expenses).  I am therefore asking anyone for help totaling approximately $6,000, just to get me through until October,when I will be receiving my first paycheck of the school year.  I welcome any help anyone can provide.  Thank you for reading and hopefully, understanding and helping.


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About valmccauley

Hi there I am 33 and disabled with a daughter and a husband who has a large amount of medical problems and I am trying to go back to school with an online program becasue i am disabled but the money I get every month isnt enough.I get food assistancve but not much since i make a small income I am punished with very little food help. My bills eat almost every penny i make a month and so there is no extra money to buy food to supplement what the government wont give me. I make 100.00 in foodstamps to feed 3 people for an entire month. This has driven me to get a degree in a career that i think that I might be able to do even with my disability I cannot let my daughter stuggle like this and my entire family hurt like this.  So I have t put all the pain aside,but now i have to figure out how to make it until I can get my degree. I require so much meds that are too expensive not to have insurance so I have to have a position that will provide a good insurance once i graduate. I NEED HELP MAKING THE BILLS AND BUYING FOOD UNTIL I GRADUATE!

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About stlmom

Mom in need, want to go back to school but don't see how I can afford living expenses. 1500 in the hole now without a dime due in 3days but what else is there to do?

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Individuals, tough to find grants.

I'm a machinist.  I was diagnosed at age 37 with Degenerative Arthritis in my spine in 1994 and limitations at the time were "If it hurts, don't do it"..  A few herniated discs, the MRI then looked bad.  I was told then to hold off on surgery for as long as I can.  Today, at 52, I can hardly use my left arm.  The pain is getting worse, I can't sleep at night, and no insurance.  So my career as a machinist has come to an end, at least for the time being I think.  But if I were offered work I would go.  No jobs. I sure could use some help getting funds to finish my degree in some kind of computer related field.  What concerns me the most is living expenses while I seek to change my career.  I have the ball rolling now to go back to school through the state on Tennessee via Human Services Vocational Rehab but have been told already that that department can not help me to pay for housing, or anything else.  I'm single and have not yet recieved food stamps but applied.  Hopefully that will come through soon.  But has anyone here ever been in this type of situation, and If so - where do I go from here?



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About sugha

I'm a 49 year old Alaskan Native woman who is currently enrolled at Charter College seeking an associates degree in medical assisting that needs help to find scholarships, grants that will include tution and living expenses.  I've just recently found out that I've gotten in really deep because good things have started a snowball effect all at the same time, and I feel like that I'm spread out real thin, and I'm in need of desperate help.  I'm working at repairing my credit as well as trying to attain a degree and I don't want to loose everything that I've been working for because I really want to be successful.  Help!!!!

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I am a 58 Caucasian woman and I lost her job in July 2007 for no “constructive reason”. My former employer hired me in 2003 for a yearly salary of 42500. My salary when I left in July 2007 was 53000.  While I have 30 years of experience in the industry, I job titles do not include underwriting or claims processing.  All of my job interviews to date have been for sales jobs that offer no base salary. While I also have some experience in Technical Writing Technical Writers are now expected to have more technical skills than those required in my last Technical Writing job in 2002. Therefore, it seems that I will need further education to becompetitive in insurance or technical writing.  My unemployment benefits expired in February 2008, and I am currently looking or temp Jobs until I have a full time position. My mom, who is 86, has been helping me with the rent and I have cashed in a portion of my 401k plan. Thankfully, Uncle Sam sent me tax refund that provided temporary assistance.  I also have to pay for my COBRA medical  insurance each month that is 417.05  There are also living expenses that include food, medications, car repair, etc .  A friend of my mom told her that I may be eligible for Federal Assistance.  However, I do not know to find apply. I never expected to be in this position. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. 



About mother*of*3*ngels

I am single mother of 3 who is struggling to make ends meet , seems like everything is a catch 22 , i cant find a decent job because i dont have a car,cant work weekends b'cuz of childcare, cant even get to the grocery store sometimes. I get no help from the government and I most recently lost my job because they wanted me to work on christmas and nobody will babysit on christmas.and i dont get child support as my ex husband is in prison. I have bad credit from him(my ex) running up bills in my name and refusing to pay them , and i dont know how i am going to make it , my rent is $950.00 plus everything.My kids are 7,5&4.I want to enroll in school but i dont know how i can pay the bills while i am in there. I have to find some kind of source that would assist me with living expenses while in school , it is only a nine month course for surgical technician! Does anyone have suggestions ,or know of any additional grants, or programs i may me elligable for to help me for the time i would be in school ?
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help with living expensses and medication


     hi im a 40 yr old women with grown children.normally i would never do this because it is very embarassing but here goes.i was diagnosed with liver disease 2 yrs ago, i continued to work until one year ago,because i just couldnt take it anymore with the nausea and be tired all the time.i tried to get medicaid,but i was laughed at and told that i had to have  disability. i applied for disability but its been 6 months now and i am penniless. i also need major dental work because bad teeth are bad for the liver.  i also developed a severe anixiety disorder and depression because of my disease. im not asking for handout i will try to pay anyone back who helps. if you have any answers or would like to help please email me at  thank you

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need help with living expenses and medication


ed by excessive asp

                          hi, my name is tammat this y .I cant beleive that im doing this but i have nowhere

   elese to turn. two years ago i was diagnosed with cirrossis of the liver cause  by    excessive

   aspirin intake and alcohol. I am very tired all the time to the point that i had to stop working.I tried to get medicaid for my medications but i was laughed at since i dont have kids under 18 anymore.i was told i had to file for disability which i did, it has now been 6 monthes with no thtis point i am penniless anything would help.

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               I aam a very nice person. i will help anyone out who needs fact two monthes before i became disabled i loaned a friend 155.00 that was  7 months ago, and she hasnt given me one penny back even though she knows i have no money.if anyone can hep me i will try mu hardest to repay the moeny.i have always worked and this is very hard. right now i have 2.00 in the baank .i love to read and i love animals i am also a veed. my emgetarian becaause i cant eat much protein because of my liver disease,but i love animals so i wouldnt

any hel would be areciated. my email adress is

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In need of school living expenses for single mom of three with no child support, while in school full time

I am a 30yr single mom of three (8yr, 5yr, & currently pregnant) going to school online full time to earn an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, to be used to help the fight against child abuse.  I have been able to get a grant and loan to pay for my schooling (books and tuition), food stamps, and medicaid.  But unfortunately it has not left me money for bills and living expenses.  I do not recieve child support or afdc because I have what's called a "Good Cause Case" with the Texas attorney general.  This is because I can not let my ex know where I am at because he had molested my daughter and CPS did nothing about it.  He is still running free and abusing another child.  Naturally I would tell someone to go to work and school at the same time like everyone else, but not everyone has my problems.  I have medical problems that interfer with me doing all three things at once successfully.  I have a kidney disease that has caused me to have short and long term memory loss.  Normally this would not pose a problem but because I am pregnant I can not take my medication for Alheimers, and it has helped a lot.  I don't want to give up on school but I can not get acceptance for any loans or grants due to a voluntary repo 6yrs ago (the transmission went out on my car three months after I bought it and the company gave me the run around about fixing it so I told them to come pick it up and it is now on my credit report).  I am hoping to find someone to help me out by lending me $400 per month.  In return I am willing to sign a legal contract promising to payback the loan 6 months after graduation, just like a school loan.  I will also grant you access to my grades online so you can see the progress.
I am able to give whatever paperwork proof someone would need in regards to my health problems (kidneys disease {FSGS}, heart problems, and memory loss), college attending, and monthly bills.  Please help.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.
You may email me at
Stephanie Ford

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Can't Afford My many Living Expenses

I am a college student who used to recieve all the financial aid I need to get through a semester. I no longer do because my parents no longer claim my sister as a dependent. They still cannot afford these expenses any more than I can. I would get even less financial aid if I had a job (which I want but if I got one I would be in the same boat or possibly an even worse boat. I have no car to get to the job anyway.

I tried pawning some of my stuff... most of it they wouldn't take and I only got 15 dollars for my stereo, but I simply do not know what to do... it is also worth mentioning that I cashed in my savings bonds. I am so in over my head.

So I have all of these things I need (books, food, medication, doctor payments, supplies for classes ect) that I cannot afford now. I also owe my grandmother $777 and simply don't know how I will ever return her money. On top of this my laptop (for homework) crashed. I seem to be in a hole I cannot get out of.

It's weird, I need the money for other things but every time I get any money (example - the $15 from pawning my stereo) it goes strait toward the debt I owe my grandmother because I hate owing money to her.

I need a grant in the worst way! Please help me someone!

I have read some of the different problems people are having who are a member of this page and I relate to most of you and hope you all find a way to fix your problems.

Then again I also hope I do... I am so in over my head.

I am not sure the exact amount I need.

With the $777 I owe, I suppose $2000 would get me through the semester $2,500 would be a little better, what with food and medications (I take 3 different ones and it gets costly).

 I am a few days into school and still haven't bought my books because each it adds up to a few hundred. One of the books is over $75! Thats just one class! Wow I didn't know what a blessing that grant money was untill I was faced with this.

Someone tell me what to do? Where can I go to get a grant to cover this? I need it quickly.

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Julius McKibben  

My Needs

I am currently attempting to go to college to study Biology as well as get an apartment to live in while at school as they do not offer dormitory or meal facilities. As such, I will need to provide for myself while incurring the various costs applied with my schooling. Financially, I am not able to adequately do this, and any amount of aid that is available would be put to good use.

I would appreciate any contacts made or information given during this time.

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Miss Carolyn  

I desperately need funding for school!

I am a single mom on welfare in CA. I am currently enrolled at a massage school (California Holistic Institute). I need tuition and living expenses for myself and toddler. The amount for tuition is ~ $5,000 for the 200 hour program and the 550 hour massage therapist program (necessary to take the National Certification exam).

I know that women count as a minority, and we are considered "very low income" so maybe that will be helpful?

If anyone knows ANY grant that I could apply for, I would really, really appreciate dropping me a line with that info!

Kind regards,
Miss Carolyn

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Need financial assistance to pay for graduate school

I am a single 26-year-old female who plans to attend Boston College in the fall of 2006 to get my Master's in Social Work.  I cannot afford to live in Boston and go to BC on loans alone.  It is a very expensive city and school, but I desperately want to study there.  Boston College School of Social Work has one of the best programs in the country, and I know I would get a quality education.  I need money for rent and utilities, subway fare, tuition and books.  I cannot work full-time as the demands of the program do not allow for it.  I want to get good grades, and be able to focus my attention on studying and on doing well in my field work.  This will help me to help others!  I want to work with poor and disadvantaged children, and commit myself to helping those in need.  In order to do that, I need help to pay for the best education that will help me be a great social worker.   

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